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Hey guys, 

So postage can get a little bit confusing due to the variety of the things I make. Main point here will be, if you aren't sure, please ask me - my facebook page is:


If you choose the wrong postage type, I will either refund the difference, or send you an invoice for the extra, but please don't hesitate to ask me!

If you live local to me (Pakenham Victoria) Pick-up is available.

Delivery is also available for a $5 surcharge (up to a certain distance - I have no intentions of driving an hour away for a $3 scrunchie - $5 would not quite cover that ;)

Scrunchies ONLY: $6 - Some small items would also fall into this category, ONE onesie, one singlet, a pair (maybe 2) of mens jocks. Little, flat things only.

Small postage: $10 - is things like sloppy joes (2x childrens, 1x adults), a winter cot quilt or smaller (with no cushion), as soon as you add a Minky backing or wadding for the inside - the quilts will not fit in these parcels

Medium postage: $15 - thicker quilts, multiple adult jumpers, quilts with cushion sets, multiple bulky items

Large (custom) postage: $20 - any quilt larger than single, deluxe quilts with cushions, if it wouldn't fit in a normal postage bag, it costs me extra to add tracking to custom satchels. Again - if you aren't sure - PLEASE ask me :)

International: $20 - moment of honesty - I haven't had to ship many international parcels - please contact me and we can work through shipping together. 

Express post: $15 - not quilts! if you need express postage for a quilt, please contact me and I will calculate postage and set up a code for you at the time :)


I currently utilise the services of Australia post; The standard postage parcels I use are biodegradable, reusable HERO packages. This is for small and express postage - I will be getting larger parcels for Medium and hopefully Large packages soon. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and if you need any clarification - please don't hesitate to contact me.


Miss Jeeca